From Pastor Daniel:
I have had the incredible opportunity to serve as a guest speaker and Assistant Chaplain for the Atlanta Falcons for several seasons. I have been privileged to see professional football players at the elite level up close and personal doing what they have been gifted to do. It’s incredible! One thing I’ve learned about football and other sports is how powerful momentum is. In fact, it’s so powerful that basketball teams in the NBA will call timeouts just to stop the momentum of the other team for 30 seconds! A train speeding at 55 mph can break through a six foot thick steel reinforced concrete wall, but a train starting from a stationary position, wouldn’t be able to go through a wall just one inch thick! Without momentum, it’s impossible to move forward. This is exactly why so many leaders feel like they are “stuck” and unable to go to their next level. For Momentum Makers, nothing can stop you. You see failures as stepping stones. You see obstacles as opportunities. You conquer problems and face challenges like they’re not even there! For Momentum Makers, anything is possible...



August, 2019 - June, 2020 (10 months)
Specific dates and times will be given once your application has been processed and accepted. However, don’t wait to apply because space is limited!


Any pastor or primary leader (or “point person”) is invited to apply to be a part of Momentum Makers - regardless of the size of his/her ministry or organization or their ministry or leadership experience. It is Daniel’s heart to pour into a select group of people who are very serious about their leadership. From the applications received, a group of people are chosen for a 10 month period to be a part of this coaching, mentoring, and leadership journey. No leader can ignore the impact of momentum. If you’ve got it, you and the people you lead will be able to accomplish things you never thought possible. The choice to build momentum is yours. Make it today.

HOW do i apply?

There are 3 levels of membership to choose from below:

  • Servant Leader

  • Serious Leader

  • Savage Leader

$500 per year // $50 per month

  • Pastor Daniel’s ebook “Movers and Makers”

  • Monthly Training Focus (syllabus provided prior to program)

  • Interactive Monthly Group Coaching Calls

  • Impact Book Club

  • Monthly Challenges

  • Connecting and networking with other leaders from around the country

You are eager and ready to help others. It’s time for you to begin developing your vision and your goals. It’s time to begin honing your craft and your skills to go to the next level. You are ready to serve.


$1000 per year // $100 per month

Everything on the Servant Leader Tier


  • Monthly Resource Email
    (Hand-crafted by Pastor Daniel each month)

  • 2 Special Guest Coaching Calls from High Level Leaders

  • 2 One on One Coaching Calls with Pastor Daniel

You are not new to this stuff. You have been developing yourself as a leader for a while now and your current successes are only a motivator for you to go for more. So it’s time to take your trophies off the wall and stretch toward some new wins. You understand that for your vision and dreams to come to fruition, you must take this season of your leadership development and relationships with other leaders seriously.

$2000 per year // $200 per month

Everything on the Servant Leader & Serious Leader Tier


  • 5 one on one coaching calls with Pastor Daniel

  • 1 Special Nationally Known Guest Coach Conference Call

  • 2 pre-recorded teachings to share with your staff along with application steps

You are a beast. You will stop at nothing to get the most out of your time, money, and opportunities. You have probably been hated on or misunderstood by others in the past because you are so driven to succeed. You want the best…period. This is no exception. Savage.


Each level of membership has its own donation amount to “Daniel Gray Ministries” for the 10 month program which can be paid two ways:
1) One-time donation
2) Monthly donations assessed upon request
[Note: This can be a combination of personal contribution and/or church and youth ministry contributions.]
*If you’d like to do Momentum Makers with your spouse, they may join with a 75% discount of the tier you choose to participate in. (They will be required to fill out their own online application)