Beginning A New Journey
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To all our family, friends, and followers – we have some HUGE NEWS to share with you!

For the past 6 years, we have served at The Church at Chapelhill in many roles. Heather and I served as Student Pastors and Young Adult Pastors primarily. I have also served on the Senior Leadership Team for almost 3 years and that has been a tremendous opportunity and blessing for me. It has been an honor to serve and lead at Chapelhill. We are so thankful to Pastor Dave and Cindy Divine for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of an incredible, life-changing, growing church.

Over the past several months, Heather and I along with our pastors, Dave and Cindy Divine, as well as many of our close mentors, have all felt like a change was coming for us. What kind of change? A change of role and season in the body of Christ—a change of focus for me to travel full time as an evangelist, increasing my availability throughout the year to preach the gospel, win souls, and partner with churches and leaders around the world. We are continuing to run with our family mission: “To follow Jesus, love people, and expand the Kingdom of God.” As we have prayed and dreamed, we have never been more convinced that this is God’s call on our family and ministry. We couldn’t be more excited and expectant for this!

Many of you know we have been traveling and ministering often throughout our time at Chapelhill, but all of those mentioned and more have felt the message & ministry we have been trusted with needs to have the opportunity to be ministered more often. I am so grateful for the leadership in our lives believing in the call of God on us and making room for us to run after it!

We believe this season will bring souls into the kingdom of God, strength to the local church, and encouragement to leaders. As a family, we’re asking for you to stand with us as this is a step of faith for us. We’re beginning to plan and coordinate 2018 to accommodate this new assignment. We feel led from the Lord to partner with you and your vision and if you feel impressed that we can help you do so, we would welcome the opportunity.

Thank you to those who have been praying and advising throughout this time of transition, your encouragement and support has been refreshing to us. We couldn’t do what we do without YOU!

Taking a step of faith.
Believing for more changed lives.
Beginning a new journey.

Daniel Gray

Daniel Gray